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Library Stock Don't wait for library to be built. Start purchasing gradually from the various sources, remaindered and bargain warehouses and from cultural sources as they come to our attention and resources afford. Store at personal homes, chapel, etc untill the library/culture-centre is established. A possibly good cheap start would be "Academic Remainders": Clouston and Hall Booksellers

Community planning conference Community gathering and planning, mini conference\workshop - for, say, 4 days,
(Day 0 (Jupiter time ;-) ): gathering ideas and concerns through forms from potential non-participants for the workshops (i.e. involving people who can not participate at organised time and place)
Day 1: local governance seminar; days 2 and 3: situational analysis; day 4: planning

Flute making study arranging for flute-maker visit, and learn the different stages of making various types of flutes.

Various disciplines study in Japan Investigate requirements for a 2011 trip, if not feasable then in stead 2012. Also program ideas: bamboo "steel", social visits with JICA members, personal capentry training and adventure, GIFU Forest Academy visit.

music ensemble investigate requirements for formation. what equipment and instruments should we acquire? (e.g. music stands, recording equipment, etc). Make provisions in existing structures for storage of same.

Gimilan project Research all the instruments of a complete gimilan and tackle one by one. Encourage community to create their own gimilan, preferably from found objects. Communicate with gimilan maker professionals as to requirements and processes. Provide those components community individuals will not be able to.