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Non Nobis Solem

Foundation Prayer

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           Inspire Us, Divine Source, that through this our solemn rite may we firmly resolve to transcend the mundane, and dare step closer with Thee. Let us now clothe ourselves with the armour of conviction and tenacity, banishing all unworthy considerations, setting glorious thrones and installing thereon the divine sparks within, as the truly fit and becoming rulers of our thoughts, words and deeds. Deciding thus to forge of the stuff of ourselves something worthy, sweet and pure, let us cast our gaze plainly upon us and account what needs be.

           May we ever be mindful of our sacred responsibility to beware the traps of dissipation, and rather, to focus our strengths and wisdom for the good of the Collective. We humbly accept our duty and privilege to acknowledge and strive to understand, exercise and refine our skills, insights and powers for to advance each the other and All whom Life visits upon our sphere of influence.

           Let us heartily enjoy that satisfaction with our own lot that is afforded only by deciding and acting for the improvement of that of others'. May our measures be of integrity and equality in the ruling of our domains, stepping in harmony, peace and Love with our fellow rulers.

           We resolve to succour those in affliction and to stir our sympathies for the failings of our fellow creature. Let us of imitate the virtues of our companions, whilst what may seem their faults, in ourselves, amend. May we remember to set good examples, inspiring each other to ascend ever higher towards the pinnacles of wisdom and happiness, communicating all such profits to others. Give us the grace to treasure instruction when failing, and to praise those whose works are worthy.

           May the bonds of Love and friendship unite us such that, in steely defiance of the chaos and terror of darkness, that we turn not away, in fear, but aid each other in finding, and acting in accordance with, the immortal truths, and by such blessed inspirations as the graceful dignity and vital importance of these our chosen bonds, shall we be anchored against the storm and on firm foundations build the structures of our quest.