Focal Areas - Overview

          WTR-CI commit to far ranging agenda, concerns some of us can take for granted but are still dreams for many people, from tools of governance and food-security to cultural preservation and recreation, to education and medicine and just about everything in between. Despite appearances to the contrary from certain viewpoints, none of this happens by itself, let alone overnight. There is however a magic wand capable of conjuring all this and more, seemingly from nothing; we call it the application of Courage, Industry and Grace, and prize these as the watchwords of our order.

          At WTR-CI our officers and staff, volunteers and advisers painstakingly consult and assess community's needs, translate them into achievable objectives worth striving for, research methodologies and plan for their requirements, design and deliver any workshops and education the community may require, facilitate their implementating it themselves and assist in establishing the neccessary programmes of maintenance.

          Each and every community has its own strengths and insights distilled over countless experiences across the generations and WTR-CI not merely respects these, but leans heavily on their support and advice. Building upon the strengths of hard-earned local wisdom, learning from and stepping with them along the paths of their own cultural sensibilities, WTR-CI is truly honoured they afford us the opportunity to work towards an even better future.

          The following links will take you to lists of concerns, (by no means exhaustive), that WTR-CI pursues with it's first Outreaches; while there's little detail at this stage of the projects and programmes recorded here, our volunteer web-team will update them as their circumstances afford and if you're keen to know more now, then we warmly welcome you to contact us for any further information you may require.

Implementation These works are underway, the buildings are in construction, the workshops are being presented, the manuals are in consultative stages of redrafting and so on and so forth.

Planning The mechanism of these projects and programmes are now understood in principle and being translated into project outcomes achievable with the available resources.

Maintenance These are the fruits of our labours: that the former splendour of each little victory remains unblemished, that we stand firm our resolve to retain their former splendour. Be it maintaining payments for taxes and registration, surveying for damage and attending to same, or whatever it requires to ensure each step forward remains on firm foundations.

Research These are the manifestations of pure desire, that recognition of community need and feeling driven to do something about it; taking the first steps towards making positive change by working out exactly what needs to be done to address the situation and how that might be achieved.

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