Poblacion BDP Workshop October 2011

A technical assistance team-up was again forged between WTR CI and KPMFI , this time, to support the efforts of the Municipal Planning and Development Office of Claveria to assist the Barangay Poblacion in formulating its Barangay Development Plan (BDP). The team adhered an approach that would be facilitative, capacity-enhancing for the MPDO staff, empowering for the community, and in the plenary sessions promote positive engagement in the face of competing priorities of the various sectors.

Preparing for fruitful collaboration
Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Alfredo Tumacas of Claveria, meet initially with WTR-CI and KPMFI representatives to discuss material and technical commitments required of all stakeholders to make BDP workshop feasible.

More detailed planning by the Facilitating from the Municipal Planning Development Office, WTR-CI and KPMFI, together with Barangay Poblacion officials. Community leaders in Barangay Poblacion sought to expedite the formulation of the BDP in relation to municipal plans to avail of official development assistance for major agri-support infrastructure in various parts of the municipality.

Rev it up!
Barangay Chair Moises Macabasa calls community leaders to action. Then, main facilitator Lovely Edio (KPMFI) puts participants into gear ... ''Tell us about yourself and what was the first thing you touched when you woke-up, this morning.''

Sectors in action ... or concentration
The Team adopted modified participatory rural appraisal methodologies to guide the local leaders and sector representatives in expressing their knowledge and perception of conditions obtaining in various aspects of community Life.
Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Alfredo Tumacas with Regine Mordeno (KPMFI) take on barangay officials to tackle Institutional Development (Administrative).

The Social Sector is on high gear with Lovely Edio (KPMFI) and Charonel Galendez (MPDO)

Environment sector members share with urgency, environmental issues in the community. Catherine Fonollera (WTR-CI) and Corsine Salacatan, Jr. (MPDO)

Economic sector in serious mode for data analysis. Fleurabelle Torres (KPMFI) and Lycel Datoy (WTR-CI) guide the group.

Panglantaw or "Vision". After presenting the various sectors' situation analysis , the community take the time to assess whether the existing vision will be reflective of the needs for the next planning period.

Plans to prosper you ...
Barangay Council Member Corseno Tion describes the course in addressing economic issues in the barangay pertaining to employment, livelihood and enterprise.Other sectors propose theirs.

Next Step
MPDC Alfredo Tumacas tells the sobering news ... "This is just the beginning ..." He presents an action towards the completion of the planning document in December 2011.

Follow-through (1)
WTR-CI, KPMFI and MPDO facilitators meet at the Polacion Barangay Hall for the first post-workshop round-up to determine data and documentation gaps, the group tasked to address these and the timeframe. The critiquing of the first draft is scheduled on 23 November 2011.

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