Water Tank-Making, Sitio Macopa, July 2011

The community of Sitio Macopa, Barangay Lanise, Claveria, Misamis Oriental came together to construct a ferro-cement rainwater storage tank right next to their Zone Hall, with the material assistance of the WTR-CI and private donations. The filled rainwater tank serves to supplement water supply for the community which comes from a distant spring.

WTR-CI Amanuensis Cromwell Hooper and Overseer Catherine Fonollera confers with Macopa Zone Leader David Lumandong regarding the construction of a ferro-cement rainwater storage tank near the Zone Hall, and coordination with all the households to ensure it is a community undertaking.

Transporting Materials
Loading ferro-cement tank internal frames and other materials on a jeepney for transport to Macopa, Lanise, Claveria. The frames were generously provided by a local contractor, F4J Ventures, Inc. in Cagayan de Oro City.

Internal Frame
Ferrocement tank construction team of four main WTR-CI volunteers assembled the frame, and brought into the Zone Hall for the community to paste on layers of newspaper. The frame, composed of 12 panels, serve as the tank's internal mold which will be removed once the layers of tie-wire and cement have dried in monolithic hold.

WTR-CI community volunteers make the water tank's base.

Paper Mache
Cooking paste and pasting paper, simple tasks that community can do together, for a water tank!

Work and play
The presence of families at work and play during tank construction forged a sense of unity among the community.

Ferro-cement action
WTR-CI Volunteers begin the process of alternating layers of tie wire, (wound-up diagonally or horizontally around the tank), and cement.

Fabrication and installation of gutter
WTR-CI Volunteers cut, shape and install the gutter and the pipe which convey water from the Zone Hall roof (serving as rainwater catchment) into the tank.

Removing the internal frame
After the tie-wire-cement layers dry together monolithically, faucet, overflow and drain pipes are checked.

Tank Inspection
The community and WTR-CI take part in inspecting the tank at its various stages. The tank is allowed to ''cure' for 4 weeks, prior to allowing rainwater to flow into it.

Rain Fed
Tank is filled with rainwater after three weeks intermittent rainfall in Macopa. According to residents, rain is likely to occur, at the very least, twice in week. The rainwater storage tank has a 10,000 liter (10 cu.m.) capacity which can fill the requirements of 15 households of five members with water usage of 120 liters/day/member ( note: based on local water district standard for usage per day per capita, in a rural setting with level III delivery or direct-to-residence), however, this rate is considered too high compared to actually usage. Because of the difficulty of getting clean water for domestic use, households in rural areas tend to use water more conservatively.

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