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Basic Principles
Can the obvious truly be that blinding?
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Chapter LXIII from the 'Tao Te Ching'

Do that which consists in taking no action;
Pursue that which is not meddlesome;
Savor that which has no flavor.

Make the small big and the few many;
Do good to him who has done you an injury.

Lay plans for the accomplishment of the difficult before it becomes difficult;
Make something big by starting with it when small.

Difficult things in the word must needs have their beginnings in the easy;
Big things must needs have their beginnings in the small.

Therefore it is because the sage never attempts to be great that he succeeds in becoming great.

One who makes promises rashly rarely keeps good faith;
One who is in the habit of considering things easy meets with frequent difficulties.

Therefore even the sage treats some things as difficult.
That is why in the end no difficulties can get the better of him.

      - Lao Tzu, D.C. Lau's translation.

A Masai Shaaman reveals his secret

      "Of all the magic, from every tribe that ever the Sun sees fit to set upon, the most powerfull spell of them all is this: not having to use any."

True Power

      What point would there be to sadden Our hearts thinking thoughts of how too late by far it is to have the little things done We wish they had thought of seven generations ago?! It is as oxen breath on a Winter's day long ago, and We can not reach back far enough to even clutch in futility at those whisps of fog, We could do nothing about it, We of the now were powerless then.

      But that was then, the tables have turned, now it is We who wield the keys of power.

      By Heavens then, let Us think now for Our Great-Great-Grandchildren and their Great-Great-Grandchildren, and with happy hearts indeed do what little We can for them now, to raise such foundations as to afford them even better choices with which to improve their world.

      - cromwell hooper