Wiggling Toes Roses
Non Nobis Solem
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          Wiggling Toes Roses forms the core foundation through which a charitably minded band of spiritual souls have resolved to define their worldly wealth as the enrichment of their fellow creatures.

          Should you find yourself becoming involved you'll soon notice we have re-defined contemporary notions of "profit", "progress", and so on. WTR is a completely differing system of principles, goals and mechanisms, and while not neccessarily for everyone, should you find our approach strikes a chord with you, then drop us a line of constructive criticism, donate goods, services or funds, or when you find yourself moving through the vicinity of any of our outreaches, drop in for a chat, share a brew and lend an hand.

          Wiggling Toes Roses champions an approach some may deem too esoteric for the harsh realities of the world, and while many arguments may be said either way, if you arrived here in search of more practical endeavours then you may find it worth visiting our para-pecuniary wings, WTR Community Initiative, and The Given Of Grace Foundation, who are cultivating degrees of success applying our principles.